An evening of art and food

We are having an open evening 6th November, 2014, from 6.30pm, in the Shaftesbury gallery. Do come along and see all our latest work and find out about all the workshops and art days Sam Adams is currently running. We will be joined by Lin’s other daughter Kate, who has written a new cookbook with co-author and chef, Nicole Pisani – MAGIC SOUP. Nicole works at a leading London restaurant, and together Kate and Nicole have put together over 100 amazing soups in this beautiful illustrated cookbook, due to the published by Orion in early 2015. Come for a sneak preview and enjoy some warming soup as you take in the art.

  • 6th November, 6.30pm-8.30pm
  • Respect Organics Studio Gallery
  • 31 Bell Street, Shaftesbury, SP7 8AR

Hope you see you there!

food and art

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Blue butterflies in late September

26th September

We walked from Arne to Coombe heath nature reserve on a warm – still – September afternoon.

The faded pink and gentle browns of the heather covered the slopes and we spotted a silver studded blue butterfly resting on the golden grasses.

A shaft of light from the sun breaking through the clouds dazzled our eyes as we looked out from the bird hide across the estuary water.




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Daisies on the Chesil Beach

seaside daisiesAfter the winter storms and the apparent loss of the beach garden the Chesil is slowly recovering and the flowers are returning.

White clusters of daisies and campions are covering the pebbles once again. On this beautiful September day the sun shines through a hazy sky and the sea is shimmering and calm.

‘Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished’ Lao Tzu, quoted in The Restful Mind, a lovely book I have been dipping into

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Counting butterflies and hedgehogs

table-in-garden-sketchPosted by Lin: Just when we wondered if the butterflies were ever coming back after their spring outing – our garden is suddenly alive with Peacocks and Gatekeepers with the added excitement of a silver washed fritillary, brimstone and small blue. Loving the warm sunshine – the large white daisies and purple buddleia are covered with their beautiful wings.

Another magical moment – we have been visited by a family of hedgehogs – where they are living we do not know – but when the sun goes down they venture across our lawn and moving quite quickly disappear into the deep foliage of the flower borders. We have never seen baby hedgehogs (hoglets) before so feel very privileged they share our garden.

If you let a little wild into your garden, the wildlife will find it.

Sam's butterfly tiles: available in the studio gallery

Sam’s butterfly tiles: available in the studio gallery

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Fields of plastic

Came-DownWe came down from Came Down near Dorchester on a bright breezy day in May – following the Jubilee Trail on the chalk downs and south Dorset Ridgeway. The views across the high ridge towards Portland were breathtaking – pity about the polythene covered fieldscape, bit of a blot on the landscape. What would Thomas Hardy have thought?

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A good morning for the birds

IMG_9276We recently visited our favourite spot in Portugal. A good morning for birds we thought –so off to the estuary we went before the sun rose too high in the sky.

Storks, spoonbills and flamingos were feeding in the marshes of the Ria Formosa, a wonderful natural area in the Algarve. Venturing off the beaten track we drove to the hills beyond Fabrica where the air was filled with fragrance of orange blossom, mimosa, lavender and broom.

A carpet of wild flowers covered the slopes and foothills – it was breathtaking. An artist’s paradise.

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