organic links

the soil asssociation

The Soil Association is the UK’s leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming.

gold hill organic farm

Run by Andrew and Sara Cross, Gold Hill Organic Farm provides a wide range of organic vegetables and meat products available for sale in their wonderful farm shop. Straight out of the ground the same day, the proof with their veg is definitely in the eating.

orchard farmhouse b&b

A great organic B&B near where we live in Dorset.

the organic trade board

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) is a not for profit organisation co-ordinated by business leaders from across the UK’s organic industry to develop, promote and support Organic Trade in the UK.

the green guide

Green Guide Online is your gateway to sustainable consumerism. This site covers environmental, ethical and fair trade products and services and provides the latest news, reviews, stories and information.

green books

A small independent UK publishing company, producing books on a wide range of environmental and cultural issues.

organic food

All the information you want, like: what organic food is, which organic foods taste great, your nearest place to get some and why we say no to GM! Great recipes, plus: top tips, health and beauty, fashion and lifestyle, book reviews, discussion and debate, and generally the lowdown on organic food and lifestyle in the UK.

organic food and farming at Defra

This part of the Defra website brings together all the information they hold on organic food and farming. The information is organised into ten sections, each section being oriented towards a specific user group; consumers, farmers, certification bodies and so on.


The RSPB is the UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds and wildlife, helping to create a better world for us all.

center for food safety

Center for Food Safety uses multifaceted strategies, including legal actions, submission of policy comments and public education, to accomplish its goals of curtailing industrial agricultural production methods that harm human health and the environment.


A worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources and eases the burden on landfills while enabling members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.

free range review

A local food community committed to boosting the profile of local food companies and encouraging their customers to review what’s on offer.

  • Your cake reviews

    'After eating a slice of your carrot cake, I had to tell you that was the nicest cake I've eaten in a long time!'

    'The cake was moist, chocolately, springy ...basically everything you would want from a chocolate cake.'

    'We want to say that your Banana Loaf is the best cake ever!'

    'The carrot cake is amazing, my son is milk protein intolerant and he was so delighted when we found this one.'